Slots and music together!.


Developer: TagWizz
Genre: Musical Casino Game
Platforms: Android + iOS
Price: Free (includes In-App-Purchases)
Players: Single player


The First Musical Casino Game in the world!

Passionate about music and can't stop playing slot machine games? This game is just PERFECT for you!

Music Puzzle: Slots is the First Musical Casino Mobile Game in the world, combining the excitement of slot games and the ecstasy of enjoying music.

Match the notes on the reels to obtain songs and win prizes for it!
Popular songs of all times to delight your ear as you play and win!
Each song triggers WILD, SCATTER, FREE SPINS and MORE, the more songs you have, the more chances you get!
Collect all the songs and unlock the complete musical sloto experience!

Enjoy the slotmania, get lucky, and WIN as much coins as possible on the only music-based slots game.

Match the songs and become a billionaire before you can say Jackpot!

You're in for an epic 777 slot musical casino game fun on Music Puzzle: Slots.

Download for free and may the odds be ever in your favor!


- Unique music-based gameplay as never seen before!
- Popular songs that you will rediscover and enjoy
- Dynamic chances based on songs as they appear on game
- Discover new mechanics as you level up




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