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By Pau
Published October 19, 2020, 12:00 am CDT

There are people who like movies and people who like music, but what about people who enjoy both?  What better thing than to combine these two loves! In this article, we’ll recommend 10 movies about that you’ll absolutely love. Let’s begin!


The pianist (2002)



This film tells the story of a Jewish pianist during the German invasion in Poland during World War II. He managed to avoid being deported, but he had to live in isolation for a long time and face constant dangers just to survive.

While the story focuses on the Holocaust, the accompanying musical composition will surely leave an impact on you.


August Rush (2007)



August Rush is a little boy raised in an orphanage, and thanks to an unknown past, he turns out to be a musical prodigy. He hopes to find his parents using this universal language.

It’s a film that mixes dreams, faith, music, and the magic of Christmas. No prior musical knowledge is required, just enjoy the music and happy endings.


The soloist (2009)



Based on a true story, this film is about a schizophrenic cellist who ended up living on the streets until a journalist discovered his amazing talent. Thanks to a series of articles he wrote about him, our cellist is able to make a name for himself.

This looks like a film about perseverance and musical triumph, but it's more about despair, acceptance, and social commitment. We can always help someone in need.


Starting over (2013)



A young couple arrives to New York chasing their musical dream, but once the boy reaches success and fame, he decides to end the relationship, leaving the girl devastated. One night, a recently fired music producer discovers her playing in a Manhattan bar and proposes an idea that could give both of them a new start.

If you want to experience an indie music adventure, this movie is for you.


Frank (2014)



Inspired by Christopher Sievey's true story, a young aspiring musician joins an unusual band led by Frank, an eccentric character wearing a giant Paper-Mache head. 

This movie combines music and comedy very well to ensure you’ll have a good time.


Whiplash (2014)



A young and ambitious drummer is chosen to be part of the jazz ensemble for the conservatory, who then meets the teacher who leads the band. The teacher’s talent and rigorous teaching methods will change the young drummer’s life. 

Its exceptional narrative, passionate characterization of the main characters, and a good dose of musical wonders make this a must-see film.


Marguerite (2015)



Set in the 1920s, Marguerite is a wealthy woman and opera lover. She’s been singing for her close friends who’ve been supporting her for years, but this all changes when she decides to sing to an audience at the opera.

This dramatic comedy film will surprise you from the first few minutes; if it hooks you, it also promises a surprise at the end.


A star is born (2019)



A devoted musician falls in love with a struggling artist. Just when the girl is about to give up, the renowned artist decides to help her, but the path to stardom won’t be an easy one.

This film is a bit long, but it promises an excellent narrative thread and music created specifically for this work.


Beats (2019)



A boy suffering from agoraphobia turns out to be a beat making genius and meets a music producer. Together, they each face their personal demons as they try to make and produce a hip-hop project.

It’s a film that will give you an outline and introduction of beat making, and will also surely give you a life lesson.


No one knows I'm here (2020)


A young man named Memo lives on an island in southern Chile in his family sheep farm, but he hides an amazing singing talent rarely seen by anyone else... Where have we seen him before?

This feature film is a good story about isolation, which reveals itself as the story progresses. All the important events are enhanced by a great soundtrack. It’s one of Netflix’s most recent premieres; you can’t miss it*.


* Editor’s Note: (1) This movie is a bit slow and may not be of everybody’s taste (2) Its availability may depend on your country.


This concludes our list; now’s the time to make some popcorn and get comfortable on your sofa. Which of these films are you going to start with? Share your comments with us!



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